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If I Wuz An American Jan. 7th, 2008 @ 10:05 pm
75% Barack Obama
74% Hillary Clinton
73% Bill Richardson
72% John Edwards
70% Chris Dodd
67% Dennis Kucinich
64% Mike Gravel
63% Joe Biden
36% Rudy Giuliani
33% Mitt Romney
30% John McCain
29% Tom Tancredo
23% Ron Paul
23% Mike Huckabee
23% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Musings Aug. 3rd, 2007 @ 09:36 pm
1. Can I really get away with washing my suit in the Washing Machine? In less than 30 minutes we shall know the answer.

2. Slightly taken aback by the number of people I know who have Myspace accounts, as they've introduced a means that allows Myspace to access your email account and read your address book. Fourteen friends in total! Even my sister has one, the dark horse. Admittedly, like myself, the vast majority of them have barely touched their accounts since setting them up, probably because it's a cruel Myspace world full off people wanting to befriend you and point you in the direction of their more 'adult' website that allows you to view 'nude' pictures of them, for a fee.

Still, I am currently number 3,234,234 on Lily Allen's friends list!

3. I haven't been here because I've been on Facebook.

4. I threrefore have quite a hefty backlog of pop photo features including Ash, Charlotte Hatherley and yet more NYPC, which I may at some point get round to posting.

5. I am currently listening to CSS.

Smack the Pony - New Young Pony Club live @ KOKO 06/06/07 Jun. 13th, 2007 @ 08:00 pm

I love New Young Pony Club. Class act all round, I'd say, fusing those types of disco/synth/punk/rock that would have them labelled as one of the New Rave merchants (see also Klaxons and CSS for some inferior pretenders), with a lead singer, Tahita Bulmer, that would've made Bow Wow Wow's Annabella Lwin proud some 27 years previous. 

NYPC played the Koko in Camden Town on Wednesday 6th June, as part of their first headlining tour, orginally mooted as promoting their debut album, which has unfortunately been delayed until July. Still, having sold out all but one date, you can't accuse them of doing too badly now.

The charasmatic Bulmer tearing through such tracks as Get Dancey, and The Bomb, with enough energy that an extended sit down on the stage is required between between songs. Rather worrying at first as it appeared that she was having some kind of seizure by the way she repeatedly smacked her hands on the stage floor.

NYPC are also noted for their debut single 'Ice Cream'  appearing on the soundtrack to the Intel advert (and not the bit that goes 'duh duh, duh dum').

Crimes against humanity were commited earlier in the evening however, when first support group 'Holy Hail' appeared on stage at 8pm, thus playing to a crowd filling barely a quarter of the dance floor. Now, this was the first time I'd heard the electronic girl/boy vocal four piece that hail from New York, but even I could tell that they deserved a much bigger audience. Much more so than the second support act, a group I and those around me failed to put a name (probably just as well), who came out looking like the ilegitimate off spring of 'Kraftwerk' and the dress sense of EMF, and producing a sound akin to someone having their nails sliced off with a sledgehammer while having to endure hour upon hour of the Jeremy Kyle. You might get the impression I didn't like them. And you'd be right.

Anyway, photos aplenty were taken of NYPC and Holy Hail, which can be viewed here.

Chaz Be gone Jun. 7th, 2007 @ 10:09 am
Was supposed to be attending a full blown acoustic set from Charlotte Hatherley at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm tonight, but it's unfortunately been canned at the last minute, for reasons unknown.
However, news has reached me that the gig is to be rescheduled post-Glastonbury and is to be played at the Hoxton Bar & Grill. Sounds like a Bernie Inn to me.

In the meantime, here's a pictorial taken by myself from a gig Chaz played at the Bristol Fleece prior to her Reading Festival appearance in 2005.

Spanky no longer May. 31st, 2007 @ 09:24 am
Erm, well this is bizzare, thapunkprincesshas seemingly been kicked off LiveJournal for commiting an illegal act, which is kinda gutting as it means at least 30% of my 'official' readership has just gone up in smoke!
Other entries
» Spamalot - UPDATE

Ok, so when I wrote this, I didn't seriously believe that my name would actually be appearing in the Guiness Book of Records, despite the compliments from those around me, that my Coconut Playing was indeed the finest they had heard, and people from as far afield as China had travelled to London especially to see my remarkable technique with a couple of pieces of fruit.

However, a certain something dropped into my Inbox the other day, divulging the following missive

We would like to thank you for being one of a staggering 5,877 who banded together in the names of St George and King Arthur on 23 April 2007 to wrest the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for Largest Musical Ensemble (Unconventional Instruments) from the Americans. YOU have helped bring this record home. YOU have clip-clopped your way into the history books and we understand from the folks at Guinness World Records that YOU (plus 5,876 others) will be appearing in the 2007 Guinness World Records book, available from all respectable (and possibly some rather dubious) book retailers from September.

And so I implore you all, my friends, family, neighbours, and the four (yes, we're up to four) people who actually read this on a regular basis, to go out and purchase a copy, comfortable in the knowledge that you have rubbed shoulders with somebody Norris McWhirter would've been proud of!
» Joe Strummer v Johnny Boy
Thought I should mend my ways and finally get down to some serious intake of gig type activity, having fulfilled a mere two since moving to London ('The Pipettes' playing the Roundhouse back in December, and piss poor teeny loving Greenday wannabes ‘Plain White T’s’ in Harrods of all places). Having missed out on scamming a ticket for the recording of this weeks countrywide touring Laverne/Jones Channel 4 music fest Transmission (admittedly my own fault, I’d known about it for weeks but was somewhat put off by its East London location which would have meant enduring something of a torturous journey on the DLR, only until the good people at Memphis Records dropped an email into my inbox containing the news that The Go! Team were to play and that they had spare tickets available on a first come first served basis, but alas by the time I picked up the email the allocation was gone and the cupboard was bare), I instead headed in the direction of Tottenham Court Road and Fopp Records to take in one of their free thirty minute gig showcases (so as to ease myself back in slowly you understand), in the form of new band ‘Johnny Boy’. Well, I’d never heard of them. Fortunately they have a Myspace page (though not actually Johnny Boy, as this appear to be run by someone who could be confused for something resembling a Redneck - try www.myspace.com/johnnyboyuk instead), where they describe their sound as being “The Clash having a shoot-out with Phil Spector” (and of course our Uncle Phil’s no stranger to homicides, now is he). They could also be described as a folk rock outfit with ‘PJ Harvey’ and ‘The Kills’ thrown into the mix. Oh, and the lead singer looks a bit like the woman out of ‘Everything But The Girl’. The group played out with a cover version of the ‘The Ramones’ Sheena Is a Punk Rocker, against a back drop displaying punk legends including Johnny Rotten, Patti Smith and Joe Strummer……

………..which brings me neatly to the screening of ‘Joe Strummer – The Future Is Unwritten’, directed by Julian Temple, the man behind ‘The Sex Pistols’ biog ‘The Filth And The Fury’, and ‘Glastonbury’. Temple effortlessly pulls together the various strands of Strummer’s life from his early up bringing in boarding school, the suicide of his brother, and the forming of ‘hippie’ group the 101ers, a story told through a combination of new interviews with former friends and associates the majority of which are interviewed sat round a camp fire overlooking central London or New York, and archive footage of Strummer himself, interspersed with sound clips from his BBC World Service programme ‘London’s Calling’. Temple uses this technique to successfully weave through Strummer’s various incarnations without need of commetary, picking up again with the emergence of ‘The Sex Pistols’ in 1976, the catalyst which saw Strummer split up his former group ‘The 101ers’ only to be headhunted by manager Bernie Rhodes to become lead singer of 'The Clash'. The roll call of ‘Camp Fire heads’ is certainly impressive, including the likes of Johnny Depp, Steve Buscemi (acted opposite Strummer in the 1990 Jim Jamusch film Mystery Train), John Cusack (a serial gig goer to Strummer’s later band ‘The Mescaleros’), Matt Dillion, Don Letts, Bono; as well as former Clash members Topper Headon and Mick Jones, as well as many of his cohorts from the early days with ‘The 101ers’.

Martin Scorsese even paid tribute to Strummer, sighting the Clash as being the influence behind the soundtrack to his 1980 film Raging Bull.

Of particular note to myself was the inclusion of footage featuring ‘Elastica’ performing at the Glastonbury Festival in 1995, a gig Strummer was present at in the audience and featured the infamous naked streaker incident during the performance of Vaseline (it was this performance that eventually led to Strummer appointing said streaker, Anthony Glenn as keyboardist for ‘Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros’).

As is the way with all great rock heroes, Strummer’s life was cut terribly short due to a heart defect claiming his life almost five years ago, aged only 50. Still, we’ll keep the camp fire burning for him.
» Anybody know any good jokes?
Attended a comedy club just off Covent Garden last friday (although when I say attended, I mean as an audience member, not for a minute wishing to imply that I had somehow got myself booked onto the bill). Anyway, in the interval as a means to further entertain the restless punters who'd paid a whopping £10 for the nights comedic merriment - aside from further ventures to the bar for alcohol top-ups on the basis that a pissed audience will find almost anything funny regardless of the material on offer, and dashes to the public conveniences to discharge said alcohol - they held a Joke Writing Competition! The winner of which would be awarded a £1,000! Okay, actually a bottle of sparkling bubbly passing itself off as champagne (and tasting like piss as the eventual winner was keen to point out, the ungrateful sod!)

Anyway, the set-up line was "What's the difference between Victoria Beckham and a Barbie Doll"?

And, I can only conclude from the response that my punchline garnered from the audience* (stunned silence) and the compere (screwed up strip of paper I'd written said answer on, flung to the ground), was that I was being far too clever for my own good, and the average audience member attending would have been better off watching reruns of "It Ain't Half Hot Mum".

Anyway, the punchline in question was:

"Barbie Dolls currently retail for £39.99. As did Victoria Beckham before she became famous"

The actual comics on show were actually all quite funny regardless of the alcoholic intake that had been induced that night, and I can't recommend it enough (http://www.thefunnyside.info). But my talents, wasted, utterly wasted. And, yes I know this was a week ago, but I CAN'T LET IT LIE!

*my sister was in attendance, and did laugh her arse off when the punchline was read out, but as she'd heard me tell it several minutes earlier, I can't say it really counts.
» Facebook
I love face book. It is a marvellous invention. I've already made 12 friends on there, (which is more than I've had the entire time I've been posting on this poxy site!) and I've only been on it since Thursday.
» My hair was cut by Del-boy's barber....
Had the honour today of having my haircut in the same barber shop as attended by the renowned character actor David Jason, as seen in the popular long running BBC sitcom, 'Only Fools and Horses' playing Del-boy Trotter, and certainly not the half arsed spin off series 'The Green Green Grass' featuring the character of 'Boycie'.

My suspicions were raised to this being the case, by the rather large signed photo they had of Mr Jason in the shop window. However, whether this means that Mr Jason is an actual regular, or merely had his haircut there once, thought indifferently about the job done, and never returned again, I have no idea.

Still, I would like to take this opportunity to say that the barber did a fine job on my hair, and it was worth every penny of the £8 charged.

Incidentally, while searching for pictures of Mr Jason doning his 'Del-boy' persona, I came across an alarming number of alleged Del-boy impersonators, all of which can be hired for corporate events, weddings, bar mitzvah's and funerals, and look as much like David Jason as I do myself. 

Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to announce my services as a Del-boy impersonator, open to all the fore mentioned events, but of course under cutting all my rivals.
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