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levers @ livejournal

.......in search of an audience

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  • leverz@livejournal.com
For the few of you who may have trotted over to this blog, this is more or less a mirror site of the blog being maintained over at http://levers.tripod.com/blog, with the added bonus (will possibility) of actually gaining an audience.

While Tripod may be somewhat spanker than Live Journal in terms of look and feel, it ain't half a lonely place over there.

Unfortunately, Live Journal lacks the (free) capacity of using large smatterings of images, so any image based posts may will end up being linked back to the Tripod site. Also, any entries I happen to have posted via mobile to Tripod, will likely be delayed in their appearance over here, again cos it ain't free.

In addition, any previous entries deemed to be of any worth on the Tripod blog, will likely be reproduced here as kinda like a levers blog GOLD.

Finally, despite what the url says, I am NOT in fact leverz. If I was, I expect I'd be living In The Hood, and entering into warfare with a rival gang of homies (or should that be bloggers? MySpace, anyone?), leading to an unfortunate shooting incident (or should that be flaming incident?), whereby many a blog entry would have to be released after my death, in a kinda Notorious BIG stylee, getting many of my fellow bloggers to piss all over my work, and getting maximum payment for zero effort.

Why'd I end up with a Live Journal ID such as leverz? Cos some bugger had already nicked levers. And are they making use of it? No they bloody ain't!